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3 min readFeb 6, 2020
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In the age of smartphones and social media is the emergence of emojis. Whether its sending message to friends, colleagues and loved ones, emojis help us express how we feel at the moment without writing multiple words. As they say a picture (like emoji) can have more meaning.

So the question now is how can I type emoji on my Windows 10 PC?


First of all you must have Windows 10 version 1909 or later. The emoji keyboard was first introduced on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update so it would work also on that version and above.

For Windows 8, there is a native built in button for emojis inside the touch keyboard.

Emoji keyboard on Windows 8

What is an emoji and a kaomoji?

An emoji are the ones you called an ideograms usually used in social media and messaging platforms. They are similar to emoticons, except that the emojis are pictures and not typographic.

Kaomoji on the other hand is an emoticon, but in Japanese style. It is usually made up of Japanese characters, grammars and punctuation's to express a certain emotion. Usually the other term for kaomoji’s are Japanese emoticons. On literal Japanese kanji “kao” means face while “moji” is character.

Both are used to express emotions, while being creative.

How to type emoji on Windows 10

In order to use emojis on Windows 10, first is you must execute this key shortcuts Ctrl + ; (semicolon) and Ctrl + . (period). Either of the two shortcuts will open a popover that would show under the text cursor.

Emoji Popover in Windows 10

The popover would show you standard emoji’s similar to what you can find on your android and iOS smartphone. There is also an option for changing the skin tone of people and human hands.

Kaomoji on Windows 10

Similar to the emojis shortcut, the kaomoji’s can be similarly invoke. On the popover click the ;-) (Winking Face) tab to show kaomoji’s.

Kaomoji Popover on Windows 10

For the record there is around a 100+ kaomoji’s included in Windows 10. It has so many variations, usually this kaomoji’s are always been preferred by our Japanese brothers over emojis on sending text.

As a bonus the popover also contains symbol table that can be accessed through the Ω (Omega) tab. The symbol tab contains symbols that can also be found on Symbol Map inside older windows. The usual symbols are © and a likes, it also includes mathematical symbols for when use on scientific papers.


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